Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tone Body Wash

Recently I was given the opportunity to try some Tone Body Wash and I of course was very excited. While shopping I frequently past by the body wash isle and I always stop and smell the different new scent with that being said I have known about Tone products for quite some time now i just never purchased. The Tone body wash I have been using is called Petal soft in the scent Pink Peony and Rose Oil with vitamin E. When I received it the first thing I did like I always do is open the top and gave it a good smell the fragrance is very fresh and spot on I can smell the flowers in this body wash I hate when the package says its suppose to smell a certain way and when you smell it it doesn't resemble that scent at all with this body was that not the case. I took a nice long shower with this product and it lathers nicely and the aroma is even more amazing once it hits your body the fragrance is long lasting and stays on you body which I love I would highly recommend  this product to anyone that asked to sum it up Tone smells amazing, offers a lasting scent that stays with you after you dry off and Tones products are very inexperience

Disclosure:  #GotItFree  I'm a BzzAgent  I received this  product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent. This review was my choice to write I was not paid and all written statements in this blog are my own personal opinions